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  • May 2013
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La Rotonda Pizza Restaurant

 8 Bond St
Great Neck, NY

Dysentery comes to Long Island

This has to be the worst restaurant in Great Neck, or anywhere. I’ve found better in impoverished third world countries. The way overpriced food is abominable and the service is worse than the food. The place should be renamed La Rotten. After being ignored and waiting hours to get served, the moldy cold pizza finally arrived and the pasta seemed like it came out of a can. The house wine tasted like vinegar and I’m sure the bottled water came from a garden hose. Hospital food is gourmet in comparison. They are now frequently empty and you still have to wait a long time to be seated and served. The waiters and other staff (who are all Hispanic and not from Italy although they pretend to be) are downright rude and hostile, openly provoking customers and blatantly telling people with children that this is not a family restaurant. They rudely advise that you go elsewhere if you have children (Is that legal?). Maybe they should pack up their tent and THEY should move elsewhere, like the middle of the desert. I suspect that any of the other favorable reviews were either from family, friends and staff of this restaurant or that these people must have been on heavy non-prescribed medication. Not surprisingly, La Rotonda closed their other restaurant nearby on Middle Neck Road, but it was actually better than this monstrosity. Their mistake was that they didn’t close both restaurants at the same time.

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Moldy Mush out of a can that had expired years ago

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