Angelia's Pizza

 202 Moon Clinton Rd
Coraopolis, PA

When they get it right they are fantastic.

About half the time I order from them they get the whole “light cheese extra sauce” thing right. When they do, they are the best in Moon Township. I appreciate the fact that there are kids on the other end of the phone who think I say “extra cheese and light sauce”; American kids are lazy and think everything is cookie cutter… any deviation from the norm and they don’t process it. Delicious tangy sauce.


When they listen to your order and get it right, there is no better


Pizza Bella

 925 Brodhead Rd
Coraopolis, PA

Thin watery bland sauce

This is one of the many places that doesn’t understand “light cheese and extra sauce”. Thank you, you little high school kids for making the decision for me, thinking I MUST have said it wrong; Every time I have ordered from them they put extra cheese and hardly any sauce. I can’t order from them any more because of that.

Large Pizza Extra Sauce, Light Cheese, Double pepperoni

Tons of cheese- when you peel the cheese off can barely see any sauce.


Pizza Joe's

 925 Brodhead Rd
Coraopolis, PA

PIzza Joes is fucking great

THis pizza is awesome. They have a great menu, tangy sauce and one of the few places that understands “light cheese and extra sauce” and doesn’t reverse it every time.



 101 Patton Dr
Coraopolis, PA

Why do they give the check with the food?

I went here and felt like they were throwing me out the door. They give me the check with the food. With 8.00 fucking breakfasts now, you’d think I’d get a 2nd cup of coffee. Fuck them and their piece of shit rip off breakfasts. Fuck their mothers too.

Moons Over My Hammy - Moons Over My Hammy at Denny's

Moons Over My Hammy

Fucking runny and the ham was sweaty and rubbery. Fuck their hammies.


Eggs N' At

 8581 University Blvd
Coraopolis, PA

Fuck this place

This place sucks. The bitches that work there are fat and rude and the people who eat there give a new meaning to the word yinzer. Fuck the eggs they make too. They suckl


Fuck those omlets- they are runny


Hunan Chinese Restaurant

 1136 Thorn Run Rd
Coraopolis, PA

Don't believe their ad when they say they deliver

I’ve tried to oder for delivery from them 6 times. Twice they never showed up, 3 times they asked if I could come pick it up because they were busy and once they called me 4 hours after I called (and had eaten something else) and asked if I could come pick it up.

Chicken w/garlic sauce

Very good flavor but chicken rubbery and undercooked.


Sharp Edge Creekhouse

 288 W Steuben St
Crafton, PA

Great for the beer lover

Love this place. Best selection of Belgian taps on this side of the city. Not as uppity as the one in Sewickley and that’s a good thing. This place has charm. Good quality for bar food, but the big draw is the great beer selection. If you like sissy Bud/Miller/Coors beers stay away. Go to a sports bar with the neanderthals.

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