Baja Mexican Cuisine

 104 14th St
Hoboken, NJ

Do not eat here

This was a horrible experience. I ordered from this restaurant and wasn’t expecting the highest quality, but given the high prices I expected a good meal. Honestly, $50 for four small tacos and a portion of ceviche seemed a bit high. For $15 an order I expected the tacos to either be exceptionally delicious, or at least have three small tacos in them.

I was thoroughly disappointed. Our fish and beef tacos lacked any flavor or seasoning and the same goes for the ceviche. Everything arrived soggy and limp. One of the worst deliveries I’ve had in a long time.

In addition to the poor quality of the food, the delivery man gave us attitude. He claimed that we had not tipped him via seamless (we had), and then changed his story to say we tipped via seamless, but we just didn’t tip enough and we should give him more money. Mind you we tipped normally on top of the $2 delivery fee they automatically place on your order.

I would strongly recommend that you do not try this restaurant.


Awful, no flavor and soggy. We tried the Fish and the Beef tacos.

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