Taz Mahal

 24110 W Illinois Rt 60
Grayslake, IL


Never have I ever felt soooo un-welcomed in an establishment, in this entire country, in my entire life, until I visited the Taz Mahal in Grayslake, IL!!
We have passed by this place dozens of times because it is on the way to and from visiting family and I have always noticed a decent amount of cars in the lot, so we had to try this place. We visited on Wednesday around 5:30pm for a couple of happy hour libations and some food. There were only 3 patrons in the establishment, all sitting at the bar, when we first arrived. Our bartender, a female, middle aged brunette bartender did not greet us or even smile and simply asked what we wanted to drink. We ordered a bottle of beer and a vodka soda. This initial drink order took about 6-7 minutes for no apparent reason. We were planning on ordering 2 celebratory shots since it was my girlfriends’ birthday, but our bartender sat back down and the far end of the bar and didn’t check back with us for about 20 minutes. At this point, I had an empty beer for about 10 minutes and the two guys sitting next to us were also empty for about the same time. So, we decided to just close out and try anywhere else. We opened a tab when we ordered our first round and were not told about any credit card minimum purchase, which is illegal. We asked to close out and our bartender mumbled, “gonna need cash, $20 minimum for cards” when she gave us the bill. At that point, we ordered two shots to boost our minimum, much to the chagrin of our bartender, who hemmed and hawed while chilling our 2 birthday shots. We immediately signed our bill and left without being acknowledged by the bartender. We have been to quite a few food and beverage establishments in this area and have had great/good experiences at every single one of them. If you are in the mood for feeling out of place and un-welcome in an establishment, want terrible customer service with zero niceties you are used to in this industry and un-friendly service without a smile, then this is the place for you!

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