Thai Spice

 1745 Centre St
West Roxbury, MA


My main concern is the clear lack of regard for health codes. The woman who was helping put together orders had an illness (or allergies based on what she was saying). She literally had snot poring out of her right nostril and her right eye was completely swollen shut and red with copious discharge during the entire 2 hours I waited. She was using a tissue to sop/blot the discharge but used the same hand to put food in containers and take money and I never saw her wash her hands. She had a single glove on her left hand but never changed the glove despite repeatedly cleaning her face, blowing her nose, wiping her eye, etc. I showed up when my food was due to be ready (I placed my order at 6:30pm and was told it would be 40 minutes wait). I showed up at 7pm but order had not even been started by the time I finally walked out at just before 8pm. The reason I walked out was because of the verbal abuse that started when one of the cooks preparing the orders (who also handled money and then went right back to cooking without wearing gloves or washing his hands). He mistakenly heard ‘5 pad thai’ when the customer placing the order had said ‘Fried pad thai’. Once it became clear a mistake had been made he started berating the woman who was attempting to provide customer service. He initially started complaining loudly but then began yelling and at one point both him and the woman were using the F word very loudly in front of the 5 customers that were waiting. I did not wait to see the outcome as I became fearful the arguement was escalating and thought the man was going to strike the woman. I walked out at this point without continuing to wait for my order and am unsure what happened. Incidentally, I have ordered from this location before and this is not the first time I have seen health code violations and yelling amongst the employees is common (it is just that it is usually not in English so I am unsure of what is being said).

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