Studio Diner

 4701 Ruffin Rd
San Diego, CA

solid diner food, 24 hours a day!

We came here bc my friends had seen it featured on the Food Network’s show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”. Actually, it was their second time here, so I guess they had liked it beyond just the fame factor too :)

The food was good – pretty typical diner-fare, and they seemed to have a nice selection of salads too if you wanted a healthier alternative. I think I would have rated the food alone with just 3-stars (pretty good, but not like EXCEPTIONALLY so), but the cool environment and the 24-hour-ness combine to give it that extra something :)

The background of the diner is pretty neat too – it opened next to the TV studio in San Diego (which I didn’t even know existed! but was the set of several TV shows, including Veronica Mars :)) to feed the cast/crew after work. I’ll post a picture soon, but it was a cute trailer-shaped building with lots of booth seating.

Grip Burger

Nicely cooked 1/2 pound burger (cooked to order – I had mine medium-well and it was still nice and juicy!) with grilled bun bread too. Comes with regular fries (skinny and crispy, just how I like fries!), but I think you can change for the waffle fries for an extra charge. I tried both and they were both pretty delicious :)

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