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Diversity is an angel of the city ...

Jazz singer and city girl, I take advantage of all DFW’s diversity. Cuisine transforms eating from a self-perpetuating function to a noble experience. Thanks, restauranteur neighbors, for helping me refine and broaden my food experience!


Kalachandji's Palace & Restaurant

 5430 Gurley Ave
Dallas, TX

If my mom was ISKCON ...

Writing a review of Kalachandji’s in Dallas is like writing a review of my mom’s cooking. I’ve been loving this restaurant for over thirty years and that’s because the defining ingredient of every dish IS love.

Numerous awards over the years attest to Kalachandji’s reputation among Dallas restaurants and vegetarian restaurants world-wide. But a smelly magazine page can’t begin to convey the unique experience of dining there. A peaceful, verdant courtyard with spot heaters for cool weather; equally peaceful indoor dining rooms; smiling faces and great service; a one-price buffet of shallow-tray selections kept stocked and hot; a posted menu noting vegan and milk-containing items; all of these add to the experience. But we go to restaurants for the food, right?

Kalachandji’s serves daily artfully eclectic menus composed of classic Indian vegetarian dishes, American and international style vegetarian dishes, with a salad and bread bar. Each one-price meal also includes a classical Indian dal soup and dessert. Yesterday, the menu included absolutely delectable mediterranean style spinach in philo and Indian peas with panir (home-made fresh cheese) as the two entrees. I also had fresh cooked Chinese mustard greens, steamed veggies, perfect Indian white rice (another selection was Indian tamarind rice), crispy hot flat bread, and a beautiful yellow split-pea dal. I topped it all off with sweet rice, a creamy dessert. I also enjoyed cool tamarind tea and the very fresh and diversely-stocked salad bar.

If you are familiar with Ayurveda, the traditional wellness system of India, and wish to tailor your dinner to your own Ayurvedic needs, you will be able to do so with any Kalachandji’s menu. All six tastes are represented, hot foods and cool foods, dry and moist; with the variety of flavors extended by chutneys and sauces, the diner with an Ayurvedic eye will see a pharmacopeia of wellness.

Kalachandji’s is part of Dallas’ ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temple complex and is run by the good ISKCON folks. To them, cooking, serving and eating food is a kind of sacrament of gratitude. Before food is served to the public, it is offered in spirit to Krishna and is blessed. Therefore, the main ingredient in their food really is LOVE.

And you can taste it.

Still feeling peaceful; happy dining everybody, Jenni


Lunch buffet:
Spinach in Philo, 5 stars; Yellow Split-pea Dal, 5 stars; Indian Peas with Panir, 5 stars; veggie side dishes and rice, 5 stars; salad bar, 5 stars; flat bread and tamarind beverage, 5 stars; service, accommodations, cleanliness, 5 stars; price, very affordable excellence.

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