Sara's Coffee Shop

 212 Central Ave N
Kent, WA

Used to like it... will NEVER go back.

You know, if you asked me a few weeks ago to review this place, it would have gotten a higher score. If you want breakfast, it’s not even that bad. Their chicken fried steak, I would recommend it. However….. DO NOT DO DINNER HERE. Unless you want breakfast for dinner. This was the first time we ever had dinner here. The first thing I noticed (maybe I wasn’t looking before) was that the cook bare-handled everything and on a hot day like today, sweat was apparent and I don’t think I saw him wipe his face or wash his hands once. But I can deal with that. I mean, really, at home is anyone really THAT much cleaner? But then I noticed our “baked potatoes” that we ordered with our meal were 1) only half a potato and 2) nuked in the microwave!! I HATE microwaved baked potatoes — they do NOT taste right. I had to spoon the corn into my HALF of a potato to make it edible. Then, my daughter notices that her fried shrimp dinner has “black stuff” in it. My husband and I unbread a few pieces to find each and every one have not been properly cleaned and de-veined. I called the waitress (I think she actually may have been the manager or owner, in hindsight) and showed her the shrimp we’ve opened up, all with black sludge from the severed vein and instead of at least feigning some sort of concern or regret, she proceeds to go to the freezer and return with a bag of pre-breaded, frozen shrimp that she says she spends a lot of money on. She forcefully insists that those frozen, pre-made shrimp and they’ve passed all health inspections and we clearly didn’t know anything about what we were talking about. I cook shrimp all the time, have friends that are professional chefs, and explained about the deveining process, and she continued to insist that we were idiots. I get that some people don’t mind eating the veiny sludge, but it’s not healthy, nor is it common practice to serve it this way in any restaurants with any credibility. I loved this place for breakfast. I will NEVER eat here again. This woman nearly made my 7 year old cry and treated us without any respect or willingness to hear what we were trying to tell them. They may have good hash browns and decent chicken-fried streak, but their conduct was beyond the pale. I won’t look past the filthy, ancient interior, the badly washed dishes, or the horrible bathrooms any longer for the sake of a cheap meal and “ok” food.

Shrimp and Chips

Worst pile of frozen, pre-made, poorly cleaned crap I’ve ever seen… and they gave this to my CHILD and tried to tell me it was safe, even as there was black ooze coming out of the veins that weren’t removed. When asked about it, they shrugged off any responsibility, said it passed a health inspection, and because they spent “a lot” on it, it was perfectly fine… black ooze aside. Eat at your own risk!

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