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i heart sushi.

In case you haven’t noticed – I like sushi. A lot. I enjoy going out to eat with friends and trying new cuisines and places, especially if it’s Asian food!


Bastille Cafe & Bar

 5307 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA

cute french style cafe

I came here for mother’s day – I’d been reading about all the good things about Bastille and the numerous awards it’s won recently. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Our service was great, the waitress was attentive. The menu wasn’t huge but there was a nice variety of items and I had a hard time deciding which one to order. We were here for brunch so I’ll need to come back for dinner sometime, but the brunch was excellent. We all enjoyed our dishes and the atmosphere and setting of the restaurant was really nice – outside the door the Sunday Farmer’s market was happening so it was quite lively. All the food was delicious and used very fresh ingredients.

I’ll be back for dinner!

Omlette Provencale

easily one of the best omlette’s i’ve had – light and fluffy and the shrimp, tomatoes and chevre go excellent together

Lavendar French Toast

Excelllent, flavorful with the lavendar. The toast was really fluffy.

Lamb Burger

Probably the best lamb burger i’ve had – herbs mixed in the meat made it tasty. Not too heavy or greasy and very meaty.

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i love your profile picture — i try to pose like that but always end up looking absurrrd.

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