All Town Pizza

 2 E Glenolden Ave
Glenolden, PA

Never Refunded Me For a Cancellation Con Artist

I used to be a loyal paying customer solely for their breakfast menu. I am not a customer here anymore. I ordered the two piece pancake platter along with my cigarettes during a snow storm and this business is two blocks away from my house they told me it was a 45 minute wait due to the bad weather. Normally on a decent weather day they would have my order at my door in ten minutes. This occasion I waited an hour and 45 minutes unacceptable. I simply got tired of waiting so I called and cancelled my order. The owner informed me it would take a few days to refund my credit card. Well fifteen minutes later after I had just got back from getting my food elsewhere on foot the delivery guy shows up after I had already cancelled. He tried to get me to take my cold food and I told him I’m sorry I cancelled please leave I’m never ordering from you guys again. I NEVER signed the receipt or anything. I find out later that I was never refunded for my cancellation I was charged $21.98 and now my bank is trying their best to dispute the charge for me. The owner informed me that I had signed the receipt when I never did since I refused to take the food from the man because it was cancelled. The bank told me, the delivery man more than likely forged my name and gave himself a nice tip. I was a customer there for 8 years but not anymore after this act of fraud. It’s run by men from Turkey and this is so like them anyway sneaky and complete con artists. My bank spoke with them and they will not give me my refund back it is out of line!

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