Back Yard Burgers

 Rte 220 - 36
East Freedom, PA

backyard blunder

Backyard blunder . I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. It came with no bacon. I returned it. They made me a new one. This time no bacon. I returned it. The “blonde haired middle aged female manager” that other reviews refer to, who’s name is Sherry, told me that I didn’t order bacon so I’m not getting any. I check my receipt. It was rung up wrong. No problem I’ll pay extra for the bacon. No she says “you’ll get what you ordered”. I told her she had the worst customer service skills I’ve ever seen. They kept my food and my money. Then she threatened to call the police on me. My god lady it’s just a piece of bacon!. It gets better (worse). I filed a complaint on the BYB website specific to this location. I never got a response. So a few weeks later I filed the same complaint but with the corporate office. I never received a response. The severe lack of customer service stopped me from eating at this location. They lack of any follow through by the corporate office will keep me from ever eating at or recommending any of their locations. Sad because for fast food, I thought their burgers were better than anyone.

Bacon Cheddar Burger

I can’t review the burger because I never got it. I paid for it though!

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