Miel Patisserie

 1990 Marlton Pike E
Cherry Hill, NJ


As if the average 2.5 rating doesn’t say enough. Miel patisserie is an embarrassing excuse of an establishment. Pathetic Customer service is an understatement. Incompetent owners. Honest employees admit that owners are negligent, scam artists. Each person associated with the business has a different story. Trying to book my wedding favors months in advance proved difficult as I was told at the door from the employee that the store would lose my order if it was placed early. So I waited a month before my wedding to place my order and get the pricing. Multiple phone conversations took place with multiple people that worked in the store. One quoting one price, and the next, quoting another. Some employees and the owners husband claimed their was a special I would receive with my order. The owner, being the savvy business woman that she is, waited until 2 wks before my wedding to claim this was not true or possible and implied that I was “begging for a deal”. I am not the sort of person that asks for handout, let alone expects them.
However, I am the sort of person that expects what they were promised. The owner assured me that she could not “do anything.” My experience was horrid, I would never step foot in that place again.


Some macaroons were old. The employee admitted they were made days ago and frozen.

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