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I tend to shy away from mainstream chain food, unless I am eating with a group. I love to hunt for small, somewhat unknown places and re-visit them. I probably use menuism more as a personal journal so there might be some personal thoughts in my reviews.



 19628 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA

Great Ambiance, crap service

Came here for a private event, so yes we did have reservations for 50+ people. I have never been in here so it was pretty neat going in and seeing the big Mermaid-Lion (Yes, I am a fool for never having realized that hybrid name :P ) . There was a live band performing and they were quite good.

I had the prefixed menu.

Red Wine: Decent quality from some random California vineyard; I’ve had better for cheaper price.

Roti: Pastry with sauce, very good and on par with Layang Layang. (edit — just looked at the price, holy moly that is at least 3x Layang Layang’s for the same taste)

Tom Yum Soup — Definitely a different soup than I have ever tried, sort of spicy with a kick. has seafood (oyster and octopus). Hard to describe since I can’t really compare it to anything.

Chicken dish- The chicken dish reminded me of an American fusion with Asian food — There were peas, mushrooms, cooked in a starchy sauce and held together in a circular ring of fried taro. I don’t like taro that much, but won’t dock it for this dish but overall it was “OK”.

Sizzling Beef – Had some of my mom’s: Sizzling black pepper beef is cooked with basil and green beans. Too much meat and very salty.

Desert – didn’t have any, but it was ‘ice cream with sausages’ apparently.

Service: MY GOODNESS the service was atrocious. We got in our food orders at around 7:30 PM, and everybody started getting the roti and their entrees around 8:15PM. Unfortunately for Merlion, they served everybody (lots of older Asian folk, which I presume do not have yelp accounts) EXCEPT me, with my food coming in at around 8;45PM. Piss poor. I was hungry at 6:30 already with a voracious appetite, and they had to do this to me :(. Keep in mind they already know about our huge party.

By the time 9:30 rolled around, I had to attend another engagement. Did not get to try dessert, even though I have quite the big sweet tooth. Massive disappointment.

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Been there and will never go there again. There place is explained by the eagles in their song Hotel California when they say, "you can check in any time you want, but you may never leave!!!!!
This place is awsome. Stopped there just wanting a couple of drinks, ended up there for 6 hours! AWSOME PLACE!!!!!!!

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