Ruth's Chris Steak House

 115 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Enjoy a better experience and steak elsewhere

If you value good food accompanied by good value stay away from this restaurant!
The evening was truly a horrible experience in dining.
Our reservation was timed to coincide with a theater date. When we arrived at the front door of RCS @ 5:30 (note 5:30)we were greeted by 4 staff. However we were required to wait 15 minutes to be seated. We were 1 of 3 couples in the restaurant. Next came the deplorable wait for service and the downgrading of our prized Alberta beef by the waiter. USDA beef rating is a voluntary standard. AB Beef is notable product of arguably higher standard. Once shocked by the prices and nowhere else to find a food establishment since were would be late for the stage play we were now captive in this establishment.
After the long wait to order, no bread or other items, we were now subjected to the illusion of a steak. It arrives on a hot plate swimming in butter and fat. I doubt that it pure butter since the smoking temp of butter is quite low. This fat drowned piece of beef now spits at you while you wait to have the local firefighter come to subdue the grease fire that is imminent. $40 to clothes stained by deep fat fried meat. This steak is also the thinnest 12 oz steak i have ever seen. In addition your sides are all separate at a cost of $8. Do not order the tomato! what you receive is a beefsteak tomato, sliced and presented with parsley. a .30 cent tomato inflated to $8.
Once i have sent the items back and complained not once was an apology offered nor management attend the table. A dinner for 2 costs $100. This bill for food which is just above fast food in quality is truly a robbery. Avoid this restaurant chain! i would rate this place at a lower star rating but zero star rating does not exist.

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