Tian An Men Square Wok & Grill

 210 Central Expy S
Allen, TX

Double Charge

We have been using this restaurant since they opened 6-8 years ago? We recently placed a delivery order for @ $30. I told them we would pay cash. When delivered, I paid cash & a healthy tip. Later we found a receipt, using my credit card. I signed nothing. The charge showed up on my bank statement. They have used my credit card plenty of times, having it on file. I called the restaurant & the lady said she would “check into it” and call me back. Heard nothing. Called a few days later and talked to a man. He argued and argued with me, that I had charged it. I told him I signed nothing & paid with cash. He continued to argue continuously, he would not back down. I was so mad. I thought the “customer was always right”. After all the years of service, could he not credit me? Even though we loved their food, we will never order from there again.

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