Dunkin' Donuts

 201 Rockingham Rd
Londonderry, NH

SO BAD !!!

When they started charging for butter packs I was just about done , then they got a new manager , I had gotten coffee there every morning for 2 years . I got my dunkin donuts cup refilled as a 16 oz. well that manager informed me that the day before when I left he measured the d.d. cups and they were 24 oz not 16 !! even the 16 oz refill was more than anywhere else ! I informed him 1/8 mile down street at the mobil station the refill price on my 24 oz d.d. cup was .99 cents , another 1/8 mile the other way at tedeschi food shop -honey dew the 24 oz refill is .99 , he wanted me to pay over 2.00 !!!!! when I explained that the other places were filling d.d. cups for .99 he said well you should go there . Great customer service Mr Manager !! YES I LOVE the coffee but i am sick of paying double or more for coffee!!! what loyalty do they give us ??


stale bagel and i had to pay extra for butter packets !!! tired of paying so much for coffee and stale bagels . honey dew has the freshest croissants and bagels i have ever had, and to refill a huge dunkin donuts 24 oz mug is .99 .its over 2.00 at dunks. stop screwing people dunks just because we love your coffee !

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