Seven Seas Reataurant

 607 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY

Seven Seas Sinks & Stinks!

The WORST dining experience of my life! Egg shells in my food, burnt potatoes, waited 15 minutes for eggs, not to mention the half-eaten egg yolk under my burnt home fries. Lipstick on my mom’s coffee cup and received attitude for the waiter when we requested a clean cup. The manager refused to take my order off the bill. He and the blonde female owner ganged up on me and told me I waited to long to notify them of my complaints, stating I “ate too much of my food”, which was entirely untrue. He refused to hear my complaints and kept saying, “I’m the man!” Not sure what he meant by that, but a real man doesn’t yell at his women customers and refuse to correct a wrong. If the owne and manager would have been kind and professional, they could have righted a few wrongs that make this dining experience such a pitiful one for customers. I’ve never had such a terrible experience in my life! Do NOT EAT HERE!!!!!

Two Eggs w/ Egg Shells

Ordered eggs over medium, 15 minutes later got 1 egg over medium and one egg, with broken yolk and shells in it, with burnt home fries, and get this… a piece of someone else’s half-eaten egg under my home fries. Pretty gross, huh? Also got coffee in a lip-stick stained coffee mug…nasty!

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