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  • Feb 2016
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Ruby Tuesday

 1058 W Club Blvd
Durham, NC

Dirty Utensils

Waiter was getting ready to seat the two of us at a table and we told him we preferred a table and there were several vacant. He told us to hold on for a minute while we stood there and waited for him to talk with the greeter… He then came back and seated us at one of the vacant booths. We were a little perturbed with the way we were finally seated. When they brought the meal out and we unwrapped our silverware there was food on the forks and the knives. The waitress bought us another set and they were dirty as well. Finally she asked us if we wanted plastic ware. We had steaks so we needed a stainless steel knife. She brought us another knife that was clean but the handle was sticky. All and all we will not be eating there ever again. Please change he way you wash utensils so people will not leave there and get food poisoning

Triple Play


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