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I like my food big and bold. Don’t bring me an ornate little plate of sushi. Don’t serve me a fancy seafood platter with delicate flavors. Not in my house. I need grub I can eat for hours, with huge flavors. Two hands required. Go big or go home, baby!


One Twelve St Diner

 11126 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA

Excellent Omelettes

This is a nice diner. Their main focus is breakfast, available all day, specializing in omelettes. I’ve eaten two of these babies in the past month — great times. Super-sized portions with big flavors.

The waitresses are very kind and observant. They get things moving along smoothly.

The diner seems to cater particularly toward elderly folks. Staffed mainly by older folks. Hot tip: take your grandparents. I did, and they loved it.

South of the Border Omelette

This is the king of omelettes! Gigantic entree packed with ground hamburger, sour cream, cheese, etc. It’s basically an awesome burrito with a tortilla made out of egg. Comes with some picante sauce to dump on it — perfecto.

Also comes with a giant batch of hash browns, and your choice of various toasts. Awesome tastes!

Meat-Lovers Omelette

This is a sizable omelette. The flavors are not quite as striking as the South of the Border, but still great. Served with large order of hashbrowns and your choice of various toasts. Great times!

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