UNO Chicago Grill

 3058 Gate House Plz
Falls Church, VA

Terrible Food, Weak Service

The dishes were very poor.

We ordered:

chicken wings for appetizers -- poor
THE UNO BURGER -- average
Rattlesnake Pasta — horrible

The service was slow. The restaurant was not crowded, but it seemed as though the staff would disappear for long periods of time. We were eating outside, so we sat out there for long periods of time with empty glasses and no food waiting for a server.

Normally I tip 20%, slightly less when irritated, and slightly more when pleasantly surprised. This time, I tipped around 15%, but was dissappointed in the food.

We will not be eating there again due to the lack of quality in the food… — should’ve eaten pizza I guess.

Rattlesnake Pasta

Supposed to be: Sautéed chicken and spicy Alfredo tossed with penne. Topped with Cheddar and slices of jalapeño.

Was more like: boiled chicken chunks, several jalapeños, a sprinkling of taco cheese, little if no Alfredo — cooked in Microwave for 1 minute.

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