Chicken King

 3560 Elizabeth Lake Rd
Waterford, MI

What a Mistake!!

I was looking for a place to grab some food and I passed by this place and decided to give the place a shot. I placed my order and walked about the building and disgusting comes to mind. Aside from the fact that the bathrooms were CLOSED (which I know isn’t a proper thing with the health dept) The building was run down with -0- maintenance obviously ever done.
I paid almost $12 for a 4 piece chicken dinner. The following is what I received:
(1) KFC bucket 0’ mashed potatoes
(1) Little 10 cent roll
(4) TINY, dry over seasoned Cajun pieces of chicken
If that is the respect that you people give the front end then Holy Crap! how bad is the back end?
It does amaze me that someone can sell this kind of turd and people will still keep coming back.
You got me once – That is my limit

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