Chicken Galore

 606 Kennedy Blvd
Union City, NJ


I went to buy one can of soda and the 10 year old looking kid who works there didn’t even tell me how much it was. I gave a $20 bill and he gave me $19 back without saying thanks. The kid took a while to count money and I had to assume it cost $1. So I asked does it cost $1? He replies yes with tax. At least the kid should have some decency toward customers. How the hell would I know that the damn soda cost $1 rather than the usual .75 cents. The place looks horrible, basically just stepping into a dirty kitchen. Mcdonald’s looks more clean than that place. If the employees can’t even sell a soda properly, then they should hire better employees. In addition, the staff was just watching football rather than working and cleaning the place. HORRIBLE SERVICE!

Can Soda


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