P B Diner

 500 Delsea Dr N
Glassboro, NJ

Poor Service ruined the experience

I visited PB’s with a friend to get a quick, quality meal. The decor is up to date and clean, we were seated quickly but the hostess didn’t say two words to us other than leading us to the table and putting the menus down.
Our server was good and the food was to be expected.
However, when closing our bill we handed the hostess the bill and our credit card and asked her to split it putting $12.50 on one card and $12.50 on another. She looked and said “the bill split is $10.40 so how much tip?” as I did the math in my head real quick she rolled her eyes and walked away to seat customers that just walked in. Upon returning I stated “2.10” and she ran the card. The other hostess (that seated us) stood impatiently waiting for our cards to be ran and then tells us “Next time tell your server ahead of time you are splitting the bill, she has tables waiting on her!”
She don’t need to worry because there will never be a next time. These hostess’ may be accustomed to waiting on 18 year old freshman from the college around the corner but I am a 31 year old woman that just patronized your establishment and I left feeling belittled & disciplined.

Side Greek Salad

I love greek salads and usually it is the dressing that dictates a good greek or not and in this case it was very good. A little too much dressing for my liking, there was pool of dressing at the bottom of the plate that I had to fish the last bits of salad out of but if you get dressing on the side you’re good!

French Onion Soup

Not the best I have had and left a bit to be desired. The cheese wasn’t “crusted” enough and one of the croutons obviously had protruded through the cheese and burnt in the processes. But this is the type of quality I’d expect from a diner. Another issue worth mentioning…the onions may have been chopped on a wooden cutting board b/c I had some shards of wood in the soup itself. My dining companion urged me to complain but it didn’t bother me that much, I still ate it.

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