Phillips Pizza

 9970 Liberty Rd
Randallstown, MD

Terrible Customer Service

I placed my order by phone with a young lady. The only thing I changed was the type of dressing for my salad. I ordered wings and a greek salad. Simple. She said it will be 30 to 45 minutes, I said great. 10 minutes later the delivery guy is at my door. I said, wow, that was fast she told me it would be 30-45 minutes, he says you only ordered a salad! Well I said no I ordered a salad and wings. SO needless to say he calls back to the store and the same young lady answers the phone. She swears down I only ordered a salad, I said ok just please give me the wings, she’s still arguing about the order. I then said I think you owe me some type of discount and can you believe she wants to argue about that! I handed him the salad and said forget it! Closed my door. I was so happy that I was paying in cash… No customer service skills at all. Young black young lady that needs to grow up if she wants to deal with the public. If you call there and she answers the phone go else where!

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