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Oriel Cafe

 101 Central Way
Kirkland, WA

Try the Aussie Heart Starter for breakfast

For 4th of July, this was the perfect place to check out the Kirkland parade. Parking in downtown Kirkland is usually terrible, but since we were walking because of the parade, this was an excellent vantage point right by the stage.

Outdoor seating is a little cramped, since you’re pretty much occupying half the sidewalk and the dogs getting walked always get distracted with you and your food but it’s a good place to people-watch and soak up the Kirkland ambiance. Inside was a little stuffy since it was a hot day — some sort of ventilation system would have helped.

Service is prompt and friendly, if a little uncoordinated (we got two sets of menus, water and silverware; one set obviously had to be sent back) and distracted by the parade. We were not told about the MS Prime rules until we paid our bill.

The food however, was AWESOME. We had mimosas, which were mostly champagne with just enough orange juice. The ratio is just the way we like our mimosas. I had the Aussie Heart Starter which was a huge meal of sesame toast, baked beans, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and poached or scrambled eggs. You have the option of getting that with tomatoes but I chose to go without. The boyfriend got a salmon eggs benedict and loved it… when I looked back at him, it was all gone.

I’d definitely go back here for brunch (and free Internet!) even without the Prime Card!

Aussie Heart Starter

This is a giant breakfast that covers most of the groups in the food pyramid. You get sesame toast, baked beans, poached/scrambled eggs, mushrooms, a sausage (more like a bratwurst), a few strips of bacon and a tomato. I chose to go without the tomato and would highly recommend eating in this order: pile your baked beans on your toast and eat, leave a piece of toast for your poached eggs so you can use it as a sponge for any yolk that might drip out. Eat your mushrooms and bacon together and leave the sausage for last. Wash down with a mimosa! :)


Yum, generous ratio of champagne to orange juice, just the way I like it.

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