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  • Aug 2012
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That's Amore

 690 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ

Not what I expected!

Love the restaurants decor, chef was very welcoming and wait staff pleasant.
A couple of things that did not bode well… When a customer leaves the wait staff a 40% tip don’t charge the customer $3 for a cup of coffee that was ordered after the bill was settled. Really stupid business move!
So stupid it might have cost the chef a customer.
Also, not to be confused with Sunday gravy we found the regular gravy to be a bit on the “Chef Boy R Dee” side.
What kind of cheese was in the salad? Very rubbery, no taste.
I think we will put That’s Amore on the back burner for now with the hopes that the standards improve to compete with the other restaurants in Collingswood.

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