A la Maison Bistro

 53 W Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA


I had dinner there last week,and if you had the same experience that I did you would never go back.The only good thing about the bistro was the decor.Everything else was horrid.I was surprised to see that the owner and manager were in the front of the bistro drinking and being loud.That is so unprofessional.The owner must not know alot about owning a business because if she did she would not be so unprofessional as to be eating and drinking in the dining room during business hours,and as far as the manager goes she never came to my table to ask if everything was ok after i complained about my food.I saw my server tell a dark haired young women manager that my food was uneatable,and she did nothing and nor did the owner.What kind of manager lets this go on on their shift?Not one that i would want running my restaurant. My service was OK,but nothing special,my food was not that great.I had the steak and fritz,although it looked very nice on the plate is was not good at all.I had asked for well done and when my meal was brought out my steak was red in the middle and my fritz were soggy and oily.My husband had the salmon,again it looked very nice on the plate,but was lacking in taste.It was so bland and the spinach tasted like it was not fresh.I would like to know where they get their so called fresh produce???I will honestly say that i will not return to this establishment EVER.In my opinion I would not advise anyone to go there if you would like great service and a good meal…

steak and fritz

not done enough,then fritz were oily and soggy

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