Outback Steakhouse

 1321 E 78th St
Bloomington, MN

less than expected for what we experienced and paid for.

We will not go back…. The drinks were less than what we expected. in the past the drinks were awesome but this time not so much. Maybe new bartender… I had an issue with the snow crabs… I had ordered snow crabs my favorite type of meal. When they brought it to our table the smell was overwhelming. The fish smell filled our entire area. I was hesitant to eat it thinking it was just me. took a sample bite not bad. I did finish the meal with less than enthusiasm as I would get at Red Lobster… But now I’ve learned when You are given this type of meal with a real strong fish odor do not consume… It is either old or gone bad… Won’t order seafood from there ever again. Maybe improper storage, etc. Not fresh no where near the excellent taste I have experienced elsewhere. Husband got sick that night. Not sure if it was something he ate or if he came down with flu… not going back. Quality has deteriorated….

Yummy  - steak at Outback Steakhouse


it was average not what you would normally spend on it.

snow crab legs

smelly and not flavorful

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