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Yellow Ginger

 311 Moffett Blvd
Mountain View, CA

I ate here with a group of friends for a...

I ate here with a group of friends for a birthday dinner. The food is really good but the problem is that I went with a big group and the dishes are meant to be family style—needless to say there is way too much food that my taste buds got overwhelmed!
Here are some comments on some foods I got a good taste of:
1) Tauhu Goreng (?? its the tofu appetizer)—I love tofu and this dish is very simple and tasty.
2) Hainanese Chicken Rice—The rice is so flavorful and the dipping sauces were great, they had the ginger thing, and the spicy sauce (some places only offer the ginger one)
3) Crab fried rice—you can actually see big chunks of crab meat
4)calamari appetizer—what ever sauce they mix the calamari in taste really good. just right amount of sweet and spiciness
i got to taste a lot of noodle dishes and some chicken dish and a fish curry but i dont remember the names exactly

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