Star's Pizza Cafe and Grill

 2124 Nw 39th St.
Oklahoma City, OK


I posted this on a social network to alert others:

“After over 1/2 hr wait for my pizza tonight at Star’s Pizza off 39th & Penn, I decided to cancel my order when I noticed others being served that came in after me. Instead of refunding my money, the manager decides to scream back at me from the kitchen how he’s working as hard as he can. I told him if he didn’t give me my money back, I’d call the police. He still refused, so I left. I called the police & they said there was nothing they could do & they would not go in and tell them to give me back my money. So, you’ve been warned…DO NOT PATRONIZE STAR’S PIZZA.”

Replies to this post (names withheld): 1) “that sucks… They still owe you a pizza tho” 2) “Happened to me there on New Years Eve….. They gave my food to someone else as i watched! You better believe i got my money back, and cleared the place when i left….everyone in line followed me out! Lol” & 3) “I try to do as little business with them as I can – if they aren’t screwing up my order, they’re being incredibly rude; or both. The last thing I ate from there left me feeling not-so-lovely. I HIGHLY recommend Pizza Zone, at 36th & Penn. They’re friendly, I’ve never had a problem with them, they deliver in a timely fashion (often sooner than they say it’ll be), and theor pizza is [email protected]*# good!”

If you choose to eat here…you’ve been warned ;)

Large Pizza & 5 Toppings

Cannot really rate something I NEVER got, but…I ordered a pepperoni pizza with black olives. I was so hungry for pizza, too. I hear the food is actually good? Guess I’LL never know???

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