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  • Nov 2012
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Candlewyck Diner

 179 Paterson Ave
East Rutherford, NJ

Their food sent me to the hospital

I had the unfortunate experience of eating at this filthy diner on September 22 2012. I ordered a cheese steak sub with a side salad. The roll was hard, the meat was tough and the half-dead lettuce was drowned in dressing. The best part of the meal was the soda. I couldn’t t finish the terrible food not only because it wasn t good but my stomach started to hurt. I figured it was indigestion and went home. Later after returning home and resting, I had what would become the worst food poisoning of my life. Aside from the pain, I have never vomited so much in my life! Not to mention the uncontrolled, evil diarrhea that occurred at the same time. After a good 8 hours of this misery every 20 min my husband took me to the ER where I was treated. In the end my crappy $15 meal ended up costing me $800 and several days recovery. Will I ever go back to this dump? NO, nor would I ever tell anyone to eat here, unless they want to have diarrhea until they pass out. Clean up your kitchen and make your employees wash their disgusting hands!!

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