Sumo Ramen

 1007 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal Metro Area, QC

I wished someone WARNED me never to go there!!!

One of the worst restaurant experience EVER really.
When we arrived, we were asked to sit close to the kitchen. I asked why, as it’s really hot outside so we want to sit outside the a/c. so the waiter reluctantly sat us closer to the window with a/c on.
Once we were handed the menu, we started looking at the menu. The waiter came to us repeatedly to see if we were ready to order. We felt a little rushed, but we didn’t think much of it.
We ordered a shrimp curry rice and jumbo sumon noodles. The whole plate of curry rice has only 4 tiny shrimps and the curry had no vegetables on it besides that. The miso soup that came with it tasted a bit too salty, but the bowl is super tiny because it came with the meal. and the salad was a tiny plate too.
My jumbo sumon noodles did not have twice the amount of noodles as regular one. And the bowl of noodles was super oily. I said I wanted a jumbo regular soup, but they charged me $1 for miso soup seasoning noodles. I never said that but I paid the extra charge anyway because the waiter was accusing me of something I didn’t say, and I didn’t want to argue for $1 and keep my date waiting
We were also told we could not have tea cuz it’s extra $2 and ask us to pay for extra $2 for the tea.
The entire Montreal Chinatown has tea included as part of the meal serving and they asked to pay extra for everything. Definitely NOT WORTH your money!!! RUN!! Don’t EVER go there!
for the bill being $30, I feel I really should have gone to a store besides it so that we would go to all-you-can-eat Yamazachi sushi on St-Laurent 2 stores down.
WORST experience EVER, will NEVER repeat in my lifetime!!! And you should think twice before going.
OVERPRICED AND MOST DEFINITELY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Also, the food is okay and MOST definitely not worth it.

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