2102 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Nasty Manager

This place does not live up the name "Bellyful"" So I placed an order for a family size curry goat, a family size oxtail, snapper and a kids meal. They person who took my order was very courteous which i like, the portion size however is a different story. The meal size for four seem like it was supposed to me a taste tester for my 6 yr old child, the curry goat has so much bones that after we picked out the bones it wasn’t enough to be a large order of curry. The fish was broken because they didn’t not put it in a proper container. It was a horrible experience, when i called the restaurant it conveniently happened that i place the order wrong. what happened to the customer being right, wasn’t it her responsibility to advise me that I need to add more to the order as a first time customer. Then she passed me on to the manager when basically said that all they can do is add the missing item to my order and they redeliver. when they delivery guy showed up they side orders that was redelivered was smaller than the first set of side order delivers.
My take on this experience, even if they were offering me free food for life I wouldn’t accept because first impression last. given the covid-19 pandemic and with us trying to support local businesses, this could have been handled differently. The Manager has a nasty attitude, the high prices to small portion sizes is the perfect example of “HOW TO LEGALLY ROB” your customers.

meat for 4 people - Oxtail family meal for 4 at Bellyful

Oxtail family meal for 4


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