Portage Bay Cafe & Catering

 4130 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA

Only a few good items

I don’t care for portage bay cafe. All the food tastes a little off. They substitute ingredients to make it more upscale, but it isn’t very successful. I don’t like their potatoes, they put a lot of spice on them before frying them, which ends up blackening them and giving them a burnt taste. Also, the use thick-cut pepper bacon, which is okay, but again a lot of times they overcook it (even though I usually like my bacon crispy). I imagine the two issues might be related.

The one jewel on the menu is the toppings bar. If you order french toast or pancakes you can load up on toppings from the bar. They have an assortment of different fruits (sometimes fresh, sometime frozen), butter, fresh whipped cream, several types of syrup, etc.

Overall, I think they charge too much for food that doesn’t really agree with my palette.

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