Monarca Taqueria

 1009 N Pacific Ave
Kelso, WA

Selling Coupons and Not Accepting them!!!!!

I want to give this place ZERO stars… I had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE AS Global M on 5/16/2015!!!! We drove 32 miles (one way) to get to this horrible shack in the middle of a depleted housing area in Kelso. We were told that the "Owner was not there and that they couldn’t take my coupon (and mine WAS PRINTED!!!). They are scamming everyone. Obviously; they are BAIT AND SWITCHING and are using the coupons to get you there and then FORCE YOU TO PAY CASH FOR YOUR ENTIRE MEAL!!! ----STAY AWAY!!!! --- YOU’VE BEEN Warned!

THEY ALSO GO UNDER THE NAME OF “Santa Cruz Taqueria – Kelso, WA”

“Usually the “hole in the wall” places have the best food…… This place is the exception. Other than being filthy with dust, flies and garbage the food was mediocre at best. The only reason we even got past the appearance was because we had been gifted a e-gift card through When we presented it to the staff they said they couldn’t accept it unless the “coupon” had been printed out. We asked to speak to a manager and were quickly told she would call the owner. After a few minutes she returned to explain the owner said they won’t honor the card!? Horrible food, service and over all experience. Definitely wouldn’t gamble on this place if I were you. Would give ZERO stars if it was an option".

Allison M.
1.0 star rating
Horrible. The farther away from Mexico you are, the harder it is to get good Mexican food. The restaurant is listed on, so I redeemed $25 to use there, only to find out after we ordered that they don’t take it. I know we should’ve asked first, but I’m still pissed it went down the way it did. The place was a mess. The food was mainly mediocre, except for my husband’s camarones a la diabla – the sauce had very little flavor and zero heat to it. Also, what respectable taqueria doesn’t serve chips and salsa?! I will never return here again.

I’m thinking whoever gave 5 stars is a friend of the owner, no way this place deserves it.


This place was DIRTY and they wouldn’t honor our coupon that we had paid cash for!!! It’s probably a blessing in disguise because we were concerned about eating there. It really was that scary and dirty! Obviously; we left and didn’t give them a penny of our money… so we didn’t eat a thing.

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