Besos Tea House

 378 Main St
East Greenwich, RI

rude staff

Today my friends and I visited Besos for a meal and cocktails. When it was time to leave we decided to move to the bar in order for the staff to clean the area where we had been seated. Whilst at the bar we were given the bill. Myself and other friend were discussing how to split the bill. I had ordered more cocktails than others so I thought it only fair that I pay a bigger portion of the check. Whilst having this discussion a friend decided to order another round of drinks. I was refused a drink due to the barman claiming that I was intoxicated. When pressed for his reassoning he claimed to have made the decision that I was intoxicated due to my reasoning on how the bill should be split. whilst having a conversation about his statement with other members of our party he then made this comment. " if you were not intoxicated you would have remembered making the comment" I simply didnt remember making this comment as I didnt feel it was important nor was I intoxicated. As a family we have spent serval evening and lunch times in your location and in fact we had a group dinner here on Christmas Day. I have never ever been spoken to in such a disgusting manner and find it to be strange that no one was concerned about how much I had drunk when it came to leaving a tip. Never again will I use or recommed your restaurant. I am very happy to report however that I had left my cell phone on Video as we were taking video and shots for our blog and I have recorded your bartenders insult. To say I am digusted is an understatement but I plan to fill my time filling in reviews honestly of the service I received tonight.

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