magnolia lounge

 492 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA

Happy Hour Not So Happy---

I had never visited Magnolia until my friends invited a group of us for a going away get together. We went during the week for Happy Hour which was anything but. The waitress asked what I would like to drink and I pointed out on the menu the $5 well drink. She then asked what kind of vodka I would like and began to tell me all the different vodka’s they had – I chose one and asked for it to be a tall one. She brought the drink to me which was in a well glass. It took quite awhile to get the tall as I ordered. When I was getting ready to leave, I gave her $6 and she was suprised – she said Oh do you want the rest of the bill on your card? I was shocked when she handed my the bill for almost $17. I asked what this was for and she said that I had chosen a vodka. We went round and round and then the manager just said this is what you ordered – It was not a happy hour drink. On top of that, they automatically added a $2.65 tip. Needless to say – I’m letting everyone know that “happy hour” didn’t turn out to be so “happy”. I’m just wondering how many others had this happen. BE AWARE Also, the setting is not good for large parties – very cramped, very noisy – no room for the food we ordered – Couldn’t hear the person next to me – I think it might be the tin on the ceiling.

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