La Boheme

 1425 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA

Dishonest and Unprofessional

one star is for the floor manager, Shane (Shane, i’m sorry if i spelled your name wrong, buddy). you are truly the only professional, competent, friendly, helpful person in this awesome establishment. Thanks for all your help in keeping the sanity

Why sanity, you might ask?

Because sanity was the only last resort when a very special birthday celebration was turned upside down before it even started. the owner/party planner had no qualms about charging the full amount (oh, and the amount was FULL) for a PRIVATE banquet for 2 separate parties. of course, this only became known when both parties showed up for their private events, with no wiggle room to turn around and leave.

oh, you mean, a private banquet doesn’t mean you pay to book the whole place?

nope, not at all. not when a want-to-be french restaurant is run by russians. i’m russian myself, so i’m allowed to say it.

for a business that’s 20% foot traffic and 80% word-of-mouth and referrals, you are making surprisingly bad business decisions.

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