Christina's Italian Restaurant And Bar

 18256 E Williams Field Rd
Gilbert, AZ


7/14/12- I don’t know if the storm caused the cook to kill the food or if the recipes are just that bad, but today’s dinner was one giant fail. This restaurant has only been open for 5 months under this name but most of the staff is from the previous Dema’s restaurant that used to be open in this same spot. Since it was pouring today, I did not want to go out anywhere but remembered seeing a sign that Christina’s delivers so I thought we’d give it a try. The reception over the phone was decent and the guy made it sound like their homemade desserts were amazing so I was all set for a gourmet feast. Spagetti with Meatsauce: the noodles were the only thing that was decent. The sauce was so plain that I had to add a lot of cheese and other ingredients to it just to get some flavor. The side-salad was a ripped up, wilted bit of iceburg with some carrot, green bell pepper and red onion and the lettuce was just inedible. Then comes the Manicotti for my husband, who makes manicotti without some kind of Ricotta cheese? Not only was it thin and dry, but it was hard and overcooked. The homemade Tiramisu was dry and tasted like freezer burn and the cannoli was basically unsweetened and unedible and I spat them both out at once and brushed my teeth. I decided immediately to sign up for this website and post a review to warn you all to stay far far away. I have no idea if we can get our $ back since we threw the evidence away without thinking. We spent $45.00 on dinner for two and I wish I had gone to McDonalds instead. I hate to see people’s hard work go to waste or be the cause of them closing their doors but they need to reevaluate their menu or hire a new cook or risk closing down. It is, sad to say, that bad. Yuck.

Spagetti & MeatSauce

You’ll make better meatsauce at home, trust me.


Dry, Hard, inedible.

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