Burke Garden Restaurant

 9528 Burke Rd
Burke, VA

Yum Yum

I live very close to this restaurant and previous experience wasn’t the best. However, I think the owner has changed, and the experience has changed. The food was awesome and the service.
I really enjoyed the new menu item, spicy cod head, call ‘bor jim’
the sauce was little spicy but it was great also the galbi. I will continue to go back. I hope they will keep up the service, it’s a sercret jewel in little city.

Galbi Gui

Galbi gui was awesome. The little side dishes were all tasty. The service was little slow, but very friendly. I enjoyed the galbi a lot with red leaf wrapper. They also had side dish of raw spicy seasoned crab. It was awesome. The broiled egg was great too.
Hot and yum.

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