19700 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA

Mmm, delicious "healthy" tart yogurt has hit in full force

Mmm, tart yogurt that’s suppose to be good for you and healthy. Anything this delicious can’t be good for me though, at least not in the quantities I want to eat it.

The quality of the froyo here is okay, I wouldn’t say it’s the best or worst I’ve had. The self serve concept is nice though since I can dump on as much yogurt or toppings I want in the ratio I want. Of course, this is also a downside since my eyes tend to tell me I want everything. The pricing is based on how heavy your cup of yogurt is. The more pig-like you are, the heavier it’ll probably be. =(

I went on opening day so it was somewhat crowded, but apparently the line has gotten much worse. The decor is of the cute happy trendy asian type and the demographics of this place will probably lean heavily towards asians. I would even imagine this is probably a new hangout place among little teenyboppers trying to waste time. =P

The tart plain yogurt was incredibly tart when I tried it. Not a huge fan unless I cut the tartness with a sweeter yogurt like taro yogurt. That I liked a lot since it was like eating sugary goodness. Probably my favorite combination is taro with plain tart yogurt topped with delicious mochi bits, mango, and strawberries.

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your soup sounds so yummy.

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