19700 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA

Mmm, delicious "healthy" tart yogurt has hit in full force

Mmm, tart yogurt that’s suppose to be good for you and healthy. Anything this delicious can’t be good for me though, at least not in the quantities I want to eat it.

The quality of the froyo here is okay, I wouldn’t say it’s the best or worst I’ve had. The self serve concept is nice though since I can dump on as much yogurt or toppings I want in the ratio I want. Of course, this is also a downside since my eyes tend to tell me I want everything. The pricing is based on how heavy your cup of yogurt is. The more pig-like you are, the heavier it’ll probably be. =(

I went on opening day so it was somewhat crowded, but apparently the line has gotten much worse. The decor is of the cute happy trendy asian type and the demographics of this place will probably lean heavily towards asians. I would even imagine this is probably a new hangout place among little teenyboppers trying to waste time. =P

The tart plain yogurt was incredibly tart when I tried it. Not a huge fan unless I cut the tartness with a sweeter yogurt like taro yogurt. That I liked a lot since it was like eating sugary goodness. Probably my favorite combination is taro with plain tart yogurt topped with delicious mochi bits, mango, and strawberries.


Pizza Antica

 334 Santana Row
San Jose, CA

Delicious pizza that doesn't feel too heavy

Surprisingly for being located in Santana Row, the food isn’t ridiculously expensive. If you like flat (super pancake like flat) pizza, this is the place for you. Finally, a pizza place where I don’t feel like I’m in a food coma after eating it. Many people I’ve gone with have liked the gnocchi, but I tihnk I just need to conclude that I’m not a gnocchi fan for the most part.

Service was attentive though I do find it a little odd that if you ask for water, they actually ask if you want tap or bottled. I can imagine sitting in the outdoor seating when it’s a nice warm spring or summer day and people watching as we eat.

Like some of the other reviewers said, the portions are a little small. My server suggested splitting a large pizza and an appetizer for two people, but we ended up just splitting two large pizzas among three people and that seemed to work out for us.

Spicy Fennel Sausage, Portobello Mushroom and Roasted Onion

Probably the closest pizza to a “regular” pizza you’ve had outside. The sauage is delicious as are the mushrooms. This is just a good pizza in general. Meat eaters will love this as you can really taste the sausage.

Spicy Calabrese Sausage, Onions, Peppers, Parsley

Mmm, more meat. I apparently like to eat out with people who love meat. The sausage had a nice spicy kick to it and definitely flavored the onions and peppers. There was a nice balance of flavors, but I thought it was a tad bit heavy. Then again I’m not a huge sausage on pizza fan to begin with.

Grilled Radicchio, Local Goat Cheese, Pancetta and Pesto

I really liked this pizza, but I don’t mind the flavor of radicchio like some people do. The goat cheese was very mild which let its creaminess mesh well with the crispy salty pancetta. There were also dabs of pesto scattered through the pizza. Altogether very delcious.


Fraiche Yogurt

 644 Emerson St Ste 110
Palo Alto, CA

Super addictive frozen yogurt. I dream of this.

Came here for the first time with some friends that were raving about it. It’s one of those places that are all organic and upscale yogurt like. It’s a fairly small place with a few tables and couches.

They only serve greek style yogurt and frozen yogurt made with the greek style yogurt. The yogurt is apparently made on the premises.

The frozen yogurt comes in three different flavours: chocolate, natural, and soy.

There are a variety of toppings that can be added to your yogurt: three different types of honey, maple syrup, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, chocolate shavings, toasted almonds, coconut, some types of fruit preserves, graham crackers, and I’m sure I’m missing some still.

They also have some local coffee produced by someplace in Oakland.

You can also feel self righteous and supporting of organic food and like you’re being healthy by getting this frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Natural frozen yogurt with two toppings

Deliciousness in a cup is all I can say. The frozen yogurt is vaguely vanilla in flavor and not as sweet as frozen yogurt in the US usually is. It’s slightly tangy as was the original yogurt before it became frozen yogurt. I got strawberries and clover honey mixed in with my yogurt and it was super good. Fresh fruit always makes me feel healthy. Sadly, the honey solidified somewhat due to the cold temperature of the frozen yogurt, but it was still good. I wished they dumped on more of the toppings than they did, but it was quite good. Very light and refreshing, perfect for summer days and trying to be healthy. ;) If only there was a place closer to where I live…but on second thought, I would just eat this all the time then. I swear, they must put crack in this stuff.



 236 Central Plz
Los Altos, CA

nice intimate restaurant but a little pricey

Actually wanted to give it 3.5 stars but that isn’t allowed. Had been wanting to try a Japanese yakitori place for a while, but never got around to it until now. It’s located in downtown Los Altos with somewhat confusing driving directions and as a side note, downtown Los Altos is absolutely creepily dead on Sunday nights.

Restaurant is small like many Japanese restaurants and very nicely decorated. It’d be a good place for a small groups of friends or couples to go. Not sure where they would actually seat large groups or if they can even handle that.

I found the food to be fairly good, but expensive for what you’re getting. I would come back here again in the future since I don’t know of many yakitori places and it was nice. Just it wouldn’t be a regular occurance.


This was one of the best oyako dons i’ve had. The egg was a good still somewhat runny consistancy which nicely contrasted with the tenderness of the chicken and the rice.

Momo yakitori (chicken thigh)

For some reason, I really liked this. But what’s not to like about chicken pieces on a stick? It is grilled perfectly as the chicken is still juicy but not undercooked. It was lightly seasoned with salt and really that was all that was needed to bring out the flavor of the chicken. Quite delicious.

Tomato Salad

I was quite disappointed by this. =( I ordered it expecting it to be tomato with something else, but it was just a tomato sliced up arranged artfully around some raw onion curls. Quite beautiful and to its credit, the tomato was quite good. But, 6.50 for just a tomato and some onion slices… Not really worth it in my opinion….

Agedashi tofu

Mmm agedashi tofu. It was beautifully presented and actually quite good. Nice light sauce that perfectly matched the lightly fried pieces of agedashi tofu.


Paragon Restaurant & Bar

 211 S 1st St
San Jose, CA

Came here again. It's kinda pricey and the food isn't as ...

Came here again. It’s kinda pricey and the food isn’t as good as the price warrants I think. I say if you come here stick to the appetizers, desserts, and cocktails. Overall, our table thought the food seemed just too salty for the main entrees. They didn’t have steak when I went, so I ended up getting the substitution dish of lamb. The lamb was cooked perfectly as it was still slightly pink and that was good. But the accompanying mashed potatos were super salty. I had to use the lamb to cut the saltiness.


Sugar Butter Flour

 669 S Bernardo Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

Delicious European Style Goodness

This is the place to avoid if you’re on a diet. Definitely run away, but if you want to enjoy sugary buttery deliciousness in form of cookies or cakes… this is definitely the place! I’ve tried four diffferent mini cakes from here and they’re all rather delicious.

Chocolate Lava Cake

I liked this even though it was chocolate. It wasn’t too sweet and it was quite delicious even though we were eating it in the mall and didn’t have the benefits of actually heating up the cake so that the center could be nice and gooey. Alas.

Raspberry Opera Cake

I’m not sure what an opera cake is, except this was sugary raspberry goodness. It was layers of vanilla cake layered with some kinda cream frosting and jam like spread. Fairly sweet so you should share this if you don’t like sweet desserts that much.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This cake seemed a little dry at the time I tried it but perhaps it’s because it was a polenta cake and that’s how cornmeal based stuff is suppose to be? Still pretty delicious tho.


Sushi Maru Restaurant

 308 Town And Country
Sunnyvale, CA

fun sushi boat place

Mmm, this is the sushi boat place to go to if your’e in the mood for sushi boats. It’s moderately priced, decently sized. Not the best sashimi place I’ve been to, but fairly good cuts of fish. You come here to sit at the sushi bar and watch delicious plates of nigiri, rolls, and other stuff float by. The bento boxes are also decent. Also has fake rolls for the tentative sushi loving person (ie. stuff with cream cheese in it and so on).

Salmon nigiri

Good cuts of fish. Deliciousness.


Killer Shrimp (CLOSED)

 4000 Colfax Ave
Studio City, CA

i have wistful dreams of this place.. SO GOOD

You know what you’re getting when you go to a restaurant that mainly has a whopping 1 type of dish prepared different ways. It’s one of those canjun shrimp in broth type places. You can get the shrimp in the broth (still shelled) with french bread or you can spring for the deshelled shrimp with a side of pasta / rice in addition to the bread. I loved this place so much YAY SHRIMP.

Shrimp and rice

So deliciously tasty and spicy. Probably horribly bad for you due to butter or whatever they have in the broth. It is also carb overload with tons of rice and white french bread, but how can you say no to a dancing vision of tasty spicy shrimp? I only think wistfully of this dish since I’m not often in LA.



 761 Beacon St
Newton, MA

quaint italian place

It’s small and cute and quaint. Feels extremely homey. Was odd when we walked in because no one greeted us for about 5-10 minutes? We were wondering what was going on. We came here for brunch since I was visiting and the people I was staying with said this was a really good place. The food looked really good and it was a hard decision deciding what to pick…but as usual, i was up to the task!

Banana stuffed french toast

This was the most delicious breakfast brunch thing EVER. I cannot emphasize this enough. =P Rum soaked bananas stuffed in french toast. So decadent, so deliciously unhealthy, it was great. Came with homefries and some sliced fruit. But really, it’s all about the banana stuffed french toast. I will dream of this.



 570 4th St
San Francisco, CA

small cute and french

Tried this with a group of friends for Dine About Town promotion. Just about the only time I’ll drag myself out to nicer places. ;) It’s located in Soma near a bunch of warehouses and really close to 80. The place is small and cute. There are only a few tables and the staff is always very attentive.

It’s classic french food done well. I would go back again when they’re not doing DAT promotion because the prices aren’t that much more.

beet and goat cheese salad

I wasn’t even sure if I liked beets and was worried if the goat cheese would be too strong, but decided… what the heck, might as well try it. It was delicious! One of the best things ever I think, very light goat cheese cut with the sweetness of the beets made it perfect.

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