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Weinberger's Deli

 611 S Main St, Ste 100
Grapevine, TX

Paulie likes it

I’d been meaning to try out Winberger’s Deli for a while, and when I finally had the chance to, I jumped on it. I ended up going here with some coworkers on a Saturday afternoon and it was just what I’d heard about and expected.

When we ate, it was the early afternoon during Grapevine’s big Christmas hoopla. This meant that the deli was pretty much packed, with the line to order snaking through the densely packed round tables. When you’re talking Chicago-style deli, this is a nice ambiance, and everyone there actually seemed to enjoy that part of it.

All of us ordered different sandwiches and split a side of sliced peppers. The sandwiches came with crunchy, deli style chips and a self-serve fountain drink.

I know this place was the real deal because one of the co-workers with us is a lifetime Chicago native who’s been out of the city for a year or two. He walked out loving the place. That’s about all I needed to know that this place is legit.

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