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Main Moon

 1573 Highway 20 Ne Ste 102
Conyers, GA

Bland and cheap (cheap... meaning the owners not the prices)

I went to this place and made a carryout order on 7/3/2016 about 3:30 in the afternoon, the place was empty. The two questions I had for the person taking my order were initially met with a, “Huh?”, because whatever was on the television near the counter was obviously more important than serving the only customer in the establishment.

I ordered one of the special combos 10 wings and fried rice. I ordered lemon pepper wings and upgraded to the “House Special” fried rice for a 2 dollar upcharge.

The owners had to really search to find the smallest wings possible, either that or they had Antman in the back shrinking them to fit in the small styrofoam containers the food was in. Even worse than being tiny, the wings were bland and tasteless. The wings were breaded and fried without the slightest hint of lemon pepper flavoring. The only thing I can think of is that they used lemon pepper seasoning from the grocery store at some point. Whatever they did wasn’t enough because there was nothing to justify naming these wings lemon pepper. The only compliment I can give them is that they were hot.

The House Special fried rice followed the same theme, as cheaply made and as bland as possible. it consisted of flavorless brown rice, vegetables, tiny square diced chunks of pork, and small thin strips of what I assume was supposed to be chicken. There was no shrimp, beef, or any of the usual ingredients you would expect in a House Special Fried Rice. Again the operative word for the dish is bland, I don’t think the rice or any of the ingredients were seasoned with even salt. It was flavorless and reminiscent of a rice cake.

From the small portions served in the small styrofoam container to the skimpy ingredients everything about this place screams cheap. A cheap owner skimping on everything including seasoning and flavor to squeeze every penny out of each dollar begrudgingly spent. The only thing about the place that isn’t cheap are the prices. If the prices were cheap I would expect what I got and just chalked it up to “you get what you pay for”, but at regular prices this place is a ripoff for bad food. If a Chinese restaurant can’t make decent Fried Rice why would I come back to try anything else? I’ll never go there again and you should stay away.

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