Ginger Root

 136 Adams St.
Newton, MA

operator doesnt understand Chinese

saw the ad from the hotel, it says deliver right to the room, so ordered a chicken fried rice without soy sauce (I said it twice because it seemed busy there) and some other stuff, gave the room number, very simple, the total was $26-28, reasonable for 2 dishes…the thing was it took 50 minutes, not only that, after 50 minutes, still no food, so I called up again, it was 8-9 p.m. at night and my 2 year-old was starving, that operator/owner guy said I thought you come pick up><fine, they promised to deliver at once, after 20 extra minutes, the fried rice came, it was with soy sauce! I wonder what language the operator speaks or he was just yessing customers, DONT GO TO GINGER ROOT, IT STINKS!

chichen frid rice

I specially said WITHOUT SOY SAUCE, but the front desk just turned into a deaf ear; I said the room #, he thought I’d pick up, is he nuts?

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