The Pizza Shack

 4523 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN

Our new place for pizza

After seeing the sign quite a few times while traveling down summer, my wife mentioned we should try it one night when I was in the mood to try a new place. We called in a to go order, actually not knowing that they had a dine-in area. I expected the same ole same ole pizza, pre-made ingredients, bland taste, etc. My best hope was that there would be alot of cheese on it to may it nice and yummy. I’m always a little hesitate on new pizza places. I opened up the box after picking it up, and was quite surprised. It looked very nice. Just as the other person stated, a nice amount of toppings, but not too many to make the pizza soggy. One taste of the crust brings back memories of home made pizzas as a kid. The ingredients were great, they tasted very fresh. I have to give this place a thumbs. If your looking to try a new pizza, I highly recommend the Pizza Shack. We tried the Mexican pizza first. Absolutely great. The steak on it was very yummy. I’ve also had the shack attack. I thought all the toppings would be too much, but they portion it perfectly.
While I like MPC and Exlines pizza to go sit in and eat, this has become my new pizza delivery place. I’m trying the bbq chicken sub tonight.

Shredded Steak (or Grilled Chicken) Black Beans, Corn, Onion, Cheddar Cheese - The Mexican at The Pizza Shack

The Mexican

Yummy! great tasting steak. Perfect portions of toppings. Not too much seasoning, letting the taste of the steak shine through. We loved it.

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