La Carreta

 335 Folly Rd
Charleston, SC

Worst Service Ever

I have never gone to such an awful establishment. The waitress was unbelievably rude. I am a waitress so I would never be rude, and I always tip well. We got a pitcher of margaritas, which our waitress left sitting on the bar counter to melt while she flirted with a man at the bar. After she brought the drinks she asked me to hurry up and order my food!!!!! The food was shitty, but that is to be expected at a cheap tex mex restaurant. The margaritas looked like Ice coffee, and our waitress was too lazy to even get us the glasses they normally serve them in.

I defended her to my friends saying how I know you can have a bad night, and I went out of my way to be nice to our waitress. As the night went on, without being checked on and with major attitude if I got up and walked over to ask her for help, I realized not only her, but none of the wait staff gave a crap about the customers, the manager in particular.

After waiting 45 minutes for our checks, that she at first tried to say she could not split, I mentioned to the manager how rude she had been the whole night. A few minutes later a different waitress ran outside screaming at me and my friends calling us bitches and threatening us if we ever came back to “her” restaurant. We tipped well, we were polite, it was uncalled for.

Do not go here. Food sucks. Service is worse. Not to mention they were serving alcohol to girls wearing not too much clothing, giving them free shots, and letting them stumble out to their cars to drive back to campus I am presuming.

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