The Melting Pot

 SE 6th Ave & SE Main St
Portland, OR

Fun social dinner

This was a very fun experience, and really no wait time at all, you pretty much order and whala there it is!  This is a great place for just about any diet as long as you skip desert of course. We went with the big night out and it was just about the prefect amount of food, not too little and easy to portion control. Ok well portion control is easy with the main dish, you don’t have to wait for anything with the cheese or the dessert. But with the main dish you have to wait for the meet to cook 1 ½ to 2 min per piece. So you can’t just take bite after bite after bite. That’s nice because you actually can see when your getting full before you stuffed. You want to take your time to because they give you about 7 different dipping sauces that you can mix and match to add to the fun.
The atmosphere is nice and cozy and romantic if that’s what you looking for, and its fun to walk in on the street corner and walk down the stairs. The waiters were all very nice, but the hostess was a little rude but I didn’t let that ruin the experience. Everything we ate was also very pretty. Happy dipping!

Chocolate S’mores - Big Night Out at The Melting Pot

Big Night Out

caribian cheese, cant remember the salad, both were great. We had the fondue fusion for the main course, very good selection of meat and like I said b4 very pretty, yummy as well. The desser we got was white chocholate with grand marine, sooo good and very sweet, with tones of dipping options!

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