The Melting Pot

 SE 6th Ave & SE Main St
Portland, OR

Fun social dinner

This was a very fun experience, and really no wait time at all, you pretty much order and whala there it is!  This is a great place for just about any diet as long as you skip desert of course. We went with the big night out and it was just about the prefect amount of food, not too little and easy to portion control. Ok well portion control is easy with the main dish, you don’t have to wait for anything with the cheese or the dessert. But with the main dish you have to wait for the meet to cook 1 ½ to 2 min per piece. So you can’t just take bite after bite after bite. That’s nice because you actually can see when your getting full before you stuffed. You want to take your time to because they give you about 7 different dipping sauces that you can mix and match to add to the fun.
The atmosphere is nice and cozy and romantic if that’s what you looking for, and its fun to walk in on the street corner and walk down the stairs. The waiters were all very nice, but the hostess was a little rude but I didn’t let that ruin the experience. Everything we ate was also very pretty. Happy dipping!

Chocolate S’mores - Big Night Out at The Melting Pot

Big Night Out

caribian cheese, cant remember the salad, both were great. We had the fondue fusion for the main course, very good selection of meat and like I said b4 very pretty, yummy as well. The desser we got was white chocholate with grand marine, sooo good and very sweet, with tones of dipping options!


Cannon's Rib Express Catering

 5410 Ne 33rd Ave
Portland, OR

has gone down hill

I used to love cannons, b4 it moved and its been quite a few years now but the quality has gone down. The sause is not as good and the portions are smaller. Its really really greasy now and it is not as flavorful. Its one of the few locations that I know of that you can get rib tips in portland, well oregon period probably. It has been a real let down cause I love some rib tips, and now I have no where to go cause cannons will somewhat satisfy my craving but leaves me feeling sick. Their place is better then it used to be, but I would trade in a heartbeat! The only think I like here is the meat and as I have said it has gone down hill, I dont like their greens, their cobbler is average.

rib tips, greens, cobbler.

like I said its ok but has gone down hill I miss the orig.


Coffee Romance

 7901 Se Powell Blvd
Portland, OR

average at best

I was a little suprised to see this in the best section. This is your average coffee place it’s just a couple blocks from my house so I’ve been there a few times and they get it right half the time. I’m not a big starbucks fan its like mcdonalds if I need it quick I’ll go there. I prefer the coffee stands because they make a great coffee cause they want you to come back. Here is how I do my coffee, you make me a good coffee and I’ll come back for another till you serve me a bad one then unless I have to I dont come back. My first coffee at this place was horrible, but due to time restraints I ended up goin back…they did better. I really like the atmosphere here but other then that like my title reads it is average, sorry.

white carmel mocha

average coffee the second time.


Mama Mia Trattoria

 439 Sw 2nd Ave
Portland, OR

not impressed

I’m so sad about this I had passed this place hundreds of times goin down town and kept thinking I really wanted to go there, so I was thrilled when my boyfriend said he wanted italian for dinner on his bday. I made reservations, checked out the menu on line and knew I was gonna enjoy it. Had my dinner all picked out everything sounded so good and they had great reviews. So when I get there they have a nice atmosphere tables by the window and wall were a little nicer with table clothes and a little more space, the ones in the middle were crowded. I thought sense I made reservations I would get a nicer table…nope they put us in the middle. That didn’t ruin it for me yet we ordered a couple of drinks or should I say waters cause they were very bland and couldn’t taste even a hint of alcohol. Still was excited about the food cause thats what we came for right?! So we ordered our food and the wait was not long a good amount of time. The food was average, not as flavorful as I was thinking or hoping for. I was very let down. Now for dessert. OK this is where they had me excited again I got canoli’s and Yum Yum Yum. By far my fav. part. well the only part I liked.

manicoti with sunday gravy

This was pretty bland and a little over cooked. The “Mary’s sunday gravy” sounded so good but tasted like a jar of marinara sause. Unless I go back for dessert I wont be going back.


El Indio Taqueria & Restaurant

 11114 Ne Halsey St
Portland, OR

On of my favorites

I have never ordered anything I didn’t love, the food is full of tons of flavor. My man love’s the campenchana or compenyana, I’m sure I killed that but its like a mixed seafood soup, he tries to order it everywhere we go but El Indio’s is his favorite.

shrimp and skirt shrimp

I cant remember the name but it was delicious along with everything else I have ordered there. They have yet to let me down.

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