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  • Apr 2012
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Gram & Dun

 600 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO

Horrible experience!

My family and I went to this restaurant last nite (4/15/12). The service was extremely slow and the food was terrible. We should have known when the manager said that they were “known for their libations and oh, we also have food.” Needless to say, we stayed and tried out the “ecclectic menu.” I had my 18 month old son with us and asked if they had a children’s menu, they said no but we have chicken tenders, grilled cheese or butter noodles. He said the Chickent tenders are fabulous, best in town. So we decided to try them. Not only were they not fabulous, they were RAW in the middle. When I showed it to the waiter, before I even said anything he said “oh are the tenders raw?” like it had happened before. He didn’t take them from my son, he just said he would take of the bill and walked away. Then another waiter (not sure who he was, maybe head waiter?) came over to “check on the issue”. . he promptly told us that the tenders couldn’t be bad as they were made from the best breasts they had. Well that could not be true as the meat was DARK!!! either it was bad chicken or it was definitely the thigh or rib! Plus the fact that it was RAW in the middle. . .he proceded to barely glance at it and then walk off as well.

I will NEVER go there again. I think I might have given them a break if they had taken the issue seriously and taken the food from my child. But they didn’t care and acted like I was at fault. I don’t usually write reviews. . .but hope this makes anothe parent cut the chicken before they give it to their child. Samonila is terrible for an adult, but deadly for a child especially one as young as mine!

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